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Thursday, March 1, 2012

For Today...

 I'm usually known to be more of a "woman with many words". Rather than making a "long story short"...I tend to make a "a long story longer"...haha.  My tongue gets tied, I cut myself off, and words refusing to populate my brain fast enough occassionally stand in between what's in my heart and what actually gets said. But when it comes to putting words on paper, well that's usually where I feel like my sincerest, most heart felt words live most clearly.

But sometimes there are so many thoughts racing in this brain of mine I hardly know where to begin. There's still something "magical" about handwritten letters, notes and journals (I am a firm believer in never letting this "art" die)...although being able to tinker away at a keyboard is technology I would hate to live without.

 Last night I found an outline if you will, for simply recording, in just a few words, in just a few minutes...things that define TODAY.  I like it.  It gives this chatterbox, thought overloaded, slightly high strung person a way to make the long story short, and yet still in words encapsulate another beautiful, blessing of a day.  Thought you might like the outline to help you record some of your most precious and most ordinary of days :)
So here it is...

FOR TODAY: February 29, 2012 LEAP YEAR

Outside my window:  it is pouring rain, damp and there is a chill in the air. But...yeah!!! The pansies I just planted are getting watered!

I am thinking: if my child decides to make his/her debut today...they will only have a birthday every 4 years.  good for my wallet, but bad for them...haha :)

I am thankful for: God's forgiveness

From the kitchen: yikes, not a good day for kitchen creations.  Reagan and Shannon went out for dinner...soooo, I ate cereal, fruit, fudge popsicle,, what a mish mosh!

I am wearing: jeans, pink v-neck and my slippers

I am creating: a blog entry :)

I am going: to meet Jess Daly for coffee at the Coffee Company at 10:30 am

I am reading: Baby Wise for the 2nd time (last minute brush up)

I am hoping: my sweet child decides they want to meet me soon!

I am hearing: The Fray station on Pandora

Around the house: I'm not sure there is one more cubby, drawer, closet, knook or cranny that could be cleaned :)

One of my favorite things: daffodils in the spring. just put a few on the dining room table today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: HAVE A BABY...haha :) Unfortunately, this can't be "planned"...and that's ok :)

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...

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